a beautiful think Allah give to Akma

peristiwa di alam dan rasa di hati adalah adalah rahasia-Mu…

dan kau beri peristiwa dan rasa yang sungguh rahasia dari Mu untuk ku rasa dan alami

I call him “my lover”, he just come to my live very fast, Yang indah untuk Akmathen the big think come to my mind that he will gonna be my ever lasting lover, he make me believe that we stand together to face all the destination for us..

If I can say something to the world, I just wanna say “Just keep him up save beside me, because I feel save stand on his side”

Allah give me a chance to make a hope…

all the thing I wanna bring to Alloh of him for saying is just make my smile keep him warm, because his smile stay on my mind end keep mw world warm…

there is a way face us, a very long and rugged way… We hope can come in to the way with Ridho Alloh and blessing from all the people love us…

To you my lover I just can say..

“Please not stop for hoping to Alloh that we can face all the bit of the destination that Alloh give to us and facing it together…”

“big love for you”


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